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Founded in 2003, we have pioneered an industry and grown to be one of the leading global players within Interim Management.

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We live and breath our values. And we are certain this is a key part of our success. Our people on our values...

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Consultant profile - Nora Szabados

5 Mar 2018

Nora leads one of Interim Partners’ key Big 4 Financial and Professional Services accounts.

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John Wilkinson on digital advice strategy

Oli Templeton
15 Mar 2018

John Wilkinson has spent a successful career in Financial Services. Oli Templeton, Principal, Financial & Professional Services, talked to him about how to execute a digital advice strategy, excellently.

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Andrew Weir on Cloud Services and AI

Justin Whitehouse
16 Mar 2018

60 Second interview with Andrew Weir, Senior Technology Advisor, on the development of Cloud Services, AI and challenges to the financial services sector.