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Founded in 2003, we have pioneered an industry and grown to be one of the leading global players within Interim Management.

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We live and breath our values. And we are certain this is a key part of our success. Our people on our values...

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In the Interim: October 2017

2 Oct 2017

In the Interim is our monthly newsletter for interim managers and business leaders. We hope you enjoy it.

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Interview with Rupert Tubbs on S&OP

Sarah Simpson
5 Oct 2017

Our principal of Consumer Manufacturing, Sarah Simpson, spoke to Rupert Tubbs about the importance of getting S&OP right.

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"The more I practice, the luckier I get"

Joel Kirkland
14 Dec 2017

I liken my approach to golf to my approach at Interim Partners. Always give it 110%, each indifferent shot is an opportunity to improve, a clear goal really helps. Good etiquette really does matter. You don’t need to have the most polished technique to win but you do need a solid repeatable process and a good overall strategy.