Director (General)

Director required for the UK’s Number 1 provider of Interim Management Services – a position confirmed this year by the 40,000 votes cast by members of the Institute of Interim Management (IIM). A truly proud moment in our 14 year history and a sign that our values, vision and mission have started to bear fruit.

We are looking for a talented individual to join our Director team to head-up a practice area. We are looking for an individual who has good leadership skills in order to lead and grow a practice team, along with the ability to sell the services of Interim Partners. 

We require professionals that will match our passion for the Interim Partners Values. We discuss them during the interview/ presentation stage for new hires and we measure progress against them in our meetings. They are in our business plans and they determine progression within the business. They are visualized in murals across our office walls and our meeting rooms are themed around them. Our team wants walk the walk, not just talk the talk. There is genuine authenticity to our Values and how we live them.

We are very excited to meet the top talent in the industry to discuss them:

  • Visionary
  • Brave
  • Collaborative
  • Honourable
  • Genuine


The second area we need to communicate are Interim Partners’ Vision for the Industry we operate in, and Interim Partners’ mission:

Our Vision: To change the face of interim management. For good. Our Mission: To deliver outstanding interim professionals who materially influence organisational performance.

We are proud that we don’t operate as a “me too” business. We are different, we are unique and we operate in this way to the benefit our clients, consultants and interim managers. To be really successful in realising our Vision and Mission we have developed our Return on Interim methodology Return on Interim. Changing the face of Interim Management for good means we must show leadership within the field. In order to achieve this, between 2013 to 2015 we refined our methodology and built an integrated digital platform. This allows us to deliver blended teams of Consultants and Executive Interim Managers. It allows our clients and ourselves to review progress against complex objectives and milestones and ensure outstanding outcomes are delivered. Importantly it gives us the ability to create different pricing strategies, where our Associates are financially incentivised to exceed expectations. We want to attract exceptional people delivering amazing outcomes, we don’t want to settle for mediocre returns!

To be voted number 1 in the sector by the IIM was a culmination of our total commitment to our Values, Vision & Mission. But, the truly exciting part is what lies ahead. We believe our journey to continue to change, improve, shape and better our clients’ performance isn’t finished. We haven’t changed the face of interim management for good - yet. But we will. What we do know for certain is our team have delivered outstanding Interim professionals who have materially influenced organisational performance.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about this current opportunity we have please call Debbie Norman on 07584 147263.

We would love to hear from you.

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