Our offices

In London...

We've recently moved (next door) to a new office space in Central London, equipped with the obligatory ping pong table, standing desks and a coffee machine.

We enjoy a flexible hot desking environment, so if you suffer from misophonia you'll be able to find a quiet corner. 

New Street Square hosts a delicious street food market once a month, as well as a number of charity & sports events you can get involved in. 

Richard Branson quote
Interim Partners London office
Claire Carter
Table tennis

In Harrogate...

We are located next door to the station, and minutes walk away from shops, cafes (including the famous Betty's tea rooms ) and regular street markets.

The office enjoys a vibrant friendly atmosphere, with a lot of collaboration between the teams and frequent cake sharing.

Our consultants often share their time between the two locations, travelling to visit  their client and candidate base, as well as their team members.    


Harrogate reception
Harrogate office view

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