Manufacturing & Engineering

Global Manufacturing contributes 6.7tn to the global economy. Within this UK Manufacturing is going from strength to strength, currently ranked as the world’s 8th largest (recently up from 9th) industrial nation.

Within the UK, Manufacturing makes up 10% of GVA and 45% of UK exports, it directly employs 2.7m people.

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The Manufacturing and Engineering Practice at Interim Partners is focused on building relationships and partnering with clients & senior interims across our key areas of focus:

  • FMCG & Consumer Manufacturing
  • Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing
  • Traditional UK Manufacturing including Automotive


Typical Interim Management solutions we provide include:

  • Board & Leadership - CEO, COO, MD, CIO
  • Finance & Accountancy - CFO, FD
  • Risk & Compliance - CCO, CRO
  • Information and Change - CTO, Chief Data Officer, Head of Transformation, GDPR
  • Operations & HR - Ops Director, Head of PMO, HRD
  • Commercial Leadership - CMO, Commercial Director

This is a hugely important sector for the UK economy and we are proud to be working in partnership with our clients to help with the development of such an important Industry for the country.

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