Success stories: Claire

Claire Lauder dicusses what attracted her to Interim Partners and her experience so far.

The energy of the people I met through my interview process made it an easy decision to join Interim Partners in September 2012.


My previous life

Following eight years in management for a leisure-related PLC, this gave me a good grounding in the operational challenges leaders face. Looking back, all the businesses I worked for at that time required turnaround, although that was not a language I was familiar with at the time.

I then pursued a career change and spent five years at a global mid-market recruitment company. 


Manufacturing – a new challenge

Manufacturing was a new area for me and I knew I would be recruiting a more senior level than at my previous company. After absorbing as much manufacturing news and insight as I could, I was well primed and I knew it was sector that suited me perfectly.

My passion for the sector has only increased. This is down to the senior executive interim managers I work with and the CEOs/MDs managing the businesses I consult with. 


My journey

Since 2012, my journey has been fun and challenging. As with any fast-growing SME, we've had to overcome growing pains and build solid foundations. What works in a small business does not work in a medium-sized business, and in order to grow you have to reflect on what has been and what needs to be in the future.

I work for a business with huge ambition. I am responsible not only for business development and consulting, but also in creating a business which is fit for growth.

I have been part of the team which has developed Return on Interim, our unique methodology which helps clients understand the value their interim workforce is delivering. It defines the way we work with our partners and sets us apart from our competitors.

Joining as a Senior Consultant - a slight step down from my previous role - I quickly won business and placed interims early in my tenure. After demonstrating my knowledge and ability to operate at a senior level, I was promoted to Principal and later to Director.


My role today

My remit as Director is to grow a team servicing the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors and, as part of the senior management team, to define our broader strategic goals and strategy for achieving them.

Interim Partners was a great move for me and I am excited about playing a part in our growth and success over the next few years.

If you would like to join us - either as part of my team or in any of our five practice groups - please email me at