Institute of Interim Management

Interim Partners is delighted to be an affiliated member of the Institute of Interim Management (IIM). The IIM is the independent Institute promoting, supporting and representing professional interim managers and executives.


We were ranked the No.1 Provider of Interim Managers by the Institute of Interim Management in 2013 and have the highest average ranking of any provider since the survey began in 2010.

Since 2001, the IIM has provided a wealth of resources, benefits, opportunities and support to its members. They work with the wider 'interim community' to promote the benefits of using professional interim managers and executives to achieve outcomes through the engagement of interim Expertise as a Service.

The IIM undertakes an annual survey of the best interim providers. We are proud that the interim community has rated us as a "Top 5" provider in each survey since its inception in 2010 and we have the highest average ranking of any provider.

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