Our illustrations

The illustrations you see on our website aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill stock images.

We think they are bit special and the nice folk at The Drum seem to agree - they’ve just been nominated for Best Illustration/Photography at the upcoming Recruitment Business Awards.

Here’s the story behind them…

A blank canvas

The creation of the illustrations was part of a radical overhaul of our website and technology infrastructure – all designed to enhance our client and candidate experience.

We wanted to leave behind the traditional visual style prevalent in recruitment and professional services. Our previous website, for example, was dominated by grey and black - which research told us felt “dull” and “harsh” and appealed more to men than women.

As part of this drive, we asked our branding agency, The Allotment, to develop a visual approach that would:

  • set us apart from our competitors and emphasise our market-leading position
  • communicate the benefits of interim management
  • convey the idea of results, ROI and value
  • highlight our specific sector-by-sector expertise
  • be brave, original and vibrant

The lightbulb moment

Visual clichés (chess sets and hand-shakes spring to mind!) are rife in the recruitment industry and it was important that these were avoided.

Focusing on staff portraits was also out. We wanted a visual style which would help lift our brand away from individuals and give a humorous and coherent identity to what is a serious and professional business.

A set of 22 illustrations was commissioned from renowned Malaysian Artist Tang Yau Hoong

Each of these represented a key benefit, an industry sector, or a case study.

Tang’s illustrations try to capture a ‘smile in the mind’ moment, often with the use of negative space and playful accompanying copy. The idea was to spark an emotional connection to support the rational messaging around the business case for Interim Management.

Reaction to the illustrations has been fantastic and we feel they help create a vibrant, positive and unique feel for our website and marketing.

What do you think? Please comment below or email feedback@interimpartners.com to let us know your thoughts.


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