Charlotte Harrison

Charlotte has been working with the healthcare sector for over eight years to provide interim professional services, both as a highly-successful consultant and a leading senior manager across health and policy.

With the changing face of healthcare Charlotte has joined Interim Partners, as she felt it was the best platform to provide client focussed solutions to her clients.

The challenges facing the NHS have never been greater. The Government's task of reducing the huge deficit translates to limited funding across the board. This is against a backdrop of major social, economic and environmental change and high expectations from the general public. As a result, the NHS is being asked to do more for less and is under massive pressure to ensure it is providing value for money. This means that we need to provide tailored solutions that deliver measurable change and ultimately value for money.

Charlotte thrives on developing deep relationships with her trusted interims. She has  invested a lot of time in building a network of proven management talent and she hand-picks the interim managers she works with, to ensure that they have the ability to lead, transform and deliver improvements to patients.

Charlotte completed her undergraduate law degree at King’s College London. She is passionate about food and wine, and loves to travel.

Practice Coordinator: Holly Weaver

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