Rose Adedeji

Rose is responsible for the Operations functions at Interim Partners.

Rose has enjoyed 20 years within the recruitment sector.

Starting as a trainee recruitment consultant within the telecoms sector, her journey has covered multiple areas for recruitment, from client delivery of process design and managing volume recruiting campaigns, providing employer engagement solutions, managing large RPO accounts to the professional services sector. Her roles have covered UK, mainland Europe, America and Australia.

Recently, Rose has engaged with her direct clients and recruitment businesses on an interim basis to enhance their operational functions, such as Internal resourcing, sales development strategy and GDPR delivery, while always keeping her hand actually recruiting.

Rose is passionate about the sector and champions the promotion of recruitment being a career of choice to new entrants to the industry.

Outside of work (although not a clear distinction for Rose), she enjoys theatre and art. There’s probably not a Broadway or West End London show she has not seen. Living with a family of professional mixed martial artists, Rose is now somewhat an expert spectator in this field.

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