Scott Davies

As the NHS begins another decade of change, Scott has joined Interim Partners to support NHS leaders in delivering against some of the most complex challenges the NHS has faced in recent years.

Having spent his previous years working with healthcare organisations across procurement, contracts and finance, Scott has furthered his knowledge to include project and programme management at the same time as the NHS prepared itself for a new approach to collaborative commissioning and integrated care.

With more expected from the NHS than ever before, Scott has built a network of experienced interim executives and consultants that have a track record of successfully delivering and meeting the demands on the NHS.

At Interim Partners, Scott’s focus is gaining a deep understanding of his client’s problems and utilising his interim network to support these needs. Scott’s approach is honest and straightforward, and he prides himself on getting the right outcome for both candidate and client, whilst also considering the financial pressures on the NHS.

Scott gained his undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics from the University of Exeter in 2015. His main passions are Rugby, American Football and Music. Scott is a grade 8 Trumpet player and has played with regional and national ensembles at venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

For interim executives

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