Interim CEO

An interim CEO or director can prove to be an effective temporary appointment to bring about large scale change and manage circumstances from the top down of an organisation. 


With global challenges facing leaders of some of the largest and influential companies world-wide, interim CEO recognise the necessities of maintaining a business through the management of their talent, stakeholders and resources. CEOs have broad organisational knowledge, but also tend to exhibit solid expertise within a functional area, including: 

  • Finance 
  • Acquisitions 
  • Technology 
  • Internal marketing 
  • Restructuring 
  • Talent management 

Moreover, an interim CEO can advise on how to best structure the top-level board, as well as make recommendations on who fits into which role best. These directors can bring the following benefits to the organisation:

  • More effective processes
  • Ensuring stakeholders' needs and concerns are addressed
  • Ensuring involvement from all stakeholders is properly managed
  • Ensuring new strategies are implemented and exacted efficiently

An interim CEO may be brought in to steady a business through times of turmoil and control crisis situations. Day-to-day operations will generally be confined to the internal staff, whilst the crisis control will fall solely into the hands of an experienced interim CEO and their team. 

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