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Return on Interim

With our unique Return on Interim methodology and performance management data, you can now accurately quantify the value your interim managers deliver.

By defining the desired outcome and mapping out the best way to achieve success, we deliver the results you want.

Step 1 - Definition

We start at the end and focus on the outcomes that our clients want to achieve from their assignment. For every assignment we spend time understanding your business and goals. We define where you hope to get to so that there is absolute clarity on the potential value added or ROI. We know the difference between good and great outcomes and offer pricing strategies that promote exceptional performance.

Step 2 - Identification

We only select the best - you can rely on our network of proven interim executives to solve your business challenges. Our Consultants and Interim Managers are more motivated through the higher returns that our ROI methodology provides. We measure results from day one so you'll see, as well as sense, your 'return on interim'.

Step 3 - Measurement

We provide you with a real-time view of all your interim assignments through your ROI dashboard. We review their objectives and milestones to ensure your great outcomes remain on track. We make success visible.

Step 4 - Results

At the end of the assignment we review its success. We provide a detailed report, that examines the value delivered, looks at the legacy left and what can be further developed and optimised. We increase the return to our Associates if they have delivered an outcome that exceeded expectations.


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