Client success stories

Private Equity Backed Insurer

6 June 2018

A growing, private equity backed insurer with new leadership and a new MGA business required an independent counsel.

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Consultant / Senior Consultant, Financial Services

23 January 2018

Our Financial Services Practice is recruiting for a Consultant/Senior Consultant to work in the expanding team.

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Consultant, Insurance, Asset & Wealth

2 October 2017

Our Insurance, Asset and Wealth Practice is recruiting for a Consultant to work in the expanding team.

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Royal Liver Assurance

28 December 2015

The interim and contractor resources provided by Interim Partners and BrightPool were instrumental in achieving objectives, such as the ultimate sale of Royal Liver to Royal London. 

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Focus on Retail Financial Services

3 July 2015

Please watch the video for a few insights into the Retail Financial Banking Services.

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Focus on Private Equity

3 July 2015

Simon Gough on the interim market within Private Equity.

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Focus on Insurance

3 July 2015

Please watch our short video for a few insights into the Insurance sector.

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Focus on Financial & Professional Services

3 July 2015

Please watch our short video for a few insights into the Financial Services video.

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Financial Services networking evening

22 April 2015

Our Financial & Professional Services Practice, in collaboration with Private Equity, have invited some of the trusted contacts in their network to join Interim Partners for an informal networking evening on 22nd April 2015. 

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The nightmare of a lost bank card

12 March 2015

I decided to use my contactless bank card to travel on the tube. My monthly oyster card had run out on Thursday and in my head I would be better off paying for two single journeys and renewing the monthly ticket on Monday...

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How to manage your work in time for the Rugby weekend

5 February 2015

Time management is a key part of being a successful Interim Manager. Once you learn how to develop and maintain good time management skills, you’ll find yourself free from pressure of deadlines and stress in general.

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Is off-shoring a fashionable fad or a sensible move?

21 January 2015

You might be thinking you can move the service to a different provider or back in-house, allowing for ample leverage to negotiate extensions if needed. Or, you may assume you do not need longer-term protection

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Credit card fraud – are we doing enough to protect ourselves?

22 December 2014

Thousands of British bank customers are at risk of fraud due to a website which offers a “one-stop shop” for anyone who wants to buy credit card details stolen by hackers.

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Redress for Banks is closing in on the £40 billion mark

2 December 2014

According to Money Marketing, between 2008 and 2014 there were 21 million complaints made to banks. A report states that “an aggressive sales mindset has been rewarded and reinforced across the industry for over a decade”.

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