Client success stories

Mouchel Infrastructure Services

3 August 2016

Built a team of 600 engineers & consultants. Cut cost of recruitment by 20%. Increased leadership performance by 15%. Increased Linked-in profile x4.

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30 November 2015

Our interim implemented £50 million in costs savings through optimised processes.

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Meter Manufacturing Business

2 October 2015

An above expectation 8%+ increase in output. Re-energising the company with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Over 50 new staff hired.

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Would conductors make good directors?

23 June 2015

I recently read a great interview with Itay Talgram, who has conducted some of the world's greatest orchestras. He contrasts the approaches of six different conductors and contends that "simply commanding people is not enough". 

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Senior Leaders' Dinner - June

18 June 2015

Our Industry Practice held the latest in the series of Senior Leaders' Dinners at the Institute of Civil Engineers.

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Bleary eyed?

8 May 2015

Are you waking up after a long night of election results? Were you also lulled by the "closest competition of a generation" billboard? It didn't quite live up to that, did it? 

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Carrot and stick?

14 April 2015

I recently had the pleasure of working with a group of people who wanted to explore their leadership styles and effectiveness. 

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Are you using technology or being used?

2 March 2015

I recently read an article which rang very true with me. It was an interview with John Cleese, talking about creativity. He said: “The absolute killer of creativity is interruptions.

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Senior Leaders' Dinner

26 February 2015

Our Industry Practice held the latest in the series of Senior Leaders' Dinners at the Institute of Civil Engineers.

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Short - term thinking

27 January 2015

I read with interest that the top three Oil & Gas support companies are most worried about the decline in drilling in… the United States. Shale gas exploration and development has rejuvenated the US economy

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Confidence & Austerity – reflections on 2014

23 December 2014

People are always asking me how the “market” is for Interim Managers in my sector – I place senior management and board level interim executives in Energy, Utility, Transport and Construction settings.

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Are Energy Companies burying their heads in the sand?

25 November 2014

Global warming has now been largely accepted as fact by most citizens and governments. Our weather patterns have changed, carbon dioxide continues to pour into the atmosphere (largely man-made) and the polar ice caps are shrinking.

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