Settle the shop floor, see production soar

Our interim raised the manufacturing team’s profile and made 58 hires.

The client

The client is an independent growth platform within Toshiba who manufacture Smart Gas meters for the U.K. and European markets. The company has been at the forefront of providing energy solutions across both industrial and domestic markets and continues to invest heavily in R&D. 


The Challenge

The company was going through significant change: implementation of a new shift pattern was being negotiated to give more hours to an ever-demanding order book. A new organisational structure was being put in place to support the shift change.

There was little manufacturing focus and as such customer service and productivity were beginning to suffer, causing customer unrest. The company had recently won a £600million contract with British Gas and needed to radically improve operational performance with the introduction of a new working manufacturing cell.


The Solution

  • To win back the confidence of the shop floor and to give manufacturing a much higher profile within the business.
  • To ensure other departments supported operations during the challenges and responded within the timescales needed to deliver the solution i.e. Research & Development, Engineering, Quality etc.
  • To ensure potential pitfalls in new product introduction did not interfere with production and that problems were rectified before coming to manufacturing.
  • To give focus and drive to a £2 million investment in new equipment to ensure the engineering team delivered the new technology.
  • To ensure that the improved manufacturing process fully supported the new contract for British Gas Cell 1 and became fully operational across both shifts.



  • Confidence was quickly restored at the shop floor and Manufacturing had a much higher profile across the site.
  • New shift pattern commenced, giving the business an 8% plus increase in output –ahead of expectations.
  • The new Operational structure was pulled together for an in-depth Training and Communication forum and the interim manager helped support the implementation of directives by participating in the training sessions.
  • £2million of new investment was subject to a schedule of introduction and Manufacturing started to feel the benefit of the new technology.



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