• In the space of nine months to May 2014, the number of people following Mouchel on LinkedIn, a key platform for recruitment, more than quadrupled.

  • Improved external profile helped MIS meet its recruitment target in the face of tough competition for talent.

  • In Spring 2014 Mouchel’s independently run annual staff survey showed 15% and 12% point improvements for MIS in the 'Leadership' and 'My Company' categories respectively.

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Our interim helped MIS bounce back after a difficult year.

The Client

Mouchel Infrastructure Services (MIS) is the engineering and environmental consultancy division of Mouchel with a particular focus on the roads, transportation, water and energy markets.

Mouchel, a fundamentally sound business which experienced trading difficulties, engineered a debt for equity swap so it could continue trading and take advantage of market growth opportunities.


The Challenge

Rebuilding confidence of staff and generating accurate and balanced external coverage within MIS was central to the business’s continuing success. Retaining and attracting top talent were the key internal challenges, along with supporting a tightly focused transformation programme aimed at ensuring MIS could grow sustainably given upswings in the UK economy and heavy infrastructure investment in the Middle East.


The Solution

MIS had identified a tightly focused change programme covering marketing & sales, governance, project management and a range of leadership and career development opportunities where the combined impact of improvements would facilitate effective and efficient growth. As the impacts of these work streams became clear Ken Hunter was placed by Interim Partners to help drive this change at MIS.

Actions driven by Ken included:

  • Identifying and targeting key trade media which would be most impactful for MIS communications
  • Developing a plan of proactive internal & external communication activity to ensure it was consistent and on-message 
  • Establishing a Communications Advisory Group ensuring strong business operational input into more strategically focused communication plans and activities
  • Instigating a roll programme of briefing sessions, led by the MD and senior management team, focusing on the transformation programme, strategy for growth and business plan
  • Rebalancing media coverage through adverts and advertorials in Consultant Files & Directories and launching a print & online advertorial campaign with a key engineering trade publication
  • Reinvigorating recruitment content on the company’s website based on testimonials from employees
  • Creating materials and a communication campaign for the launch of ‘Career Paths’, setting out how employees could progress their careers to ensure that career progression was at the heart of talent retention at MIS



The transformation programme successfully transferred  its improvement actions into ‘business as usual' on schedule. Media coverage shifted from a focus on financial re-engineering to contract wins, major project milestones and the recruitment of key personnel which helped with attraction, while staff turnover declined as confidence in the business’s future increased.

When Ken’s assignment came to an end MIS was on track to recruiting 600 engineers and consultants, which was central to MIS increasing its billable revenues and becoming a more profitable business.

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