Aiding in skills development

Interim Partners was engaged by an executive director at a private care hospital. The aim was to find the right interim to help the executive director develop their confidence and presentation skills when presenting at a board level. 


The challenge

The client, an executive director at a private care hospital, had a skills gap in persuasive face-to-face communication (e.g. presenting and influencing). They specifically needed assistance with building confidence when presenting at board level.

The solution

Interim Partners assigned an interim coaching executive who had extensive experience working within the health sector at board level. They had also previously worked with similar assignments where they achieved great outcomes. During the initial meeting, the interim analysed the client’s strengths, weakness as well as development areas and created a bespoke coaching programme.

The programme comprised of several face-to-face coaching sessions, one every four weeks. Each session focused on a specific challenge for the client to undertake with the help of specific tools and techniques. Take-home exercises were also required to be completed before the start of the next coaching session.

The client was also encouraged to keep a journal; they were to record and reflect on their progress as they continued their coaching. As the foundation of the program was created based on “open and honest” conversations and mutual trust between interim and client, the client was encouraged to share their reflections and feelings to help alleviate any barriers.


The result

Over the course of the programme, the client’s confidence grew. As a final piece of assessment, they were required to complete a task which they would have declined prior to the coaching programme.

In all, the assignment allowed the client to feel much more confident and has helped them overcome their challenges in the board room by enabling them to take more “ownership” when making board level presentations.


"Working with the Interim Coaching Executive has enabled me to acknowledge the strengths and development areas, to feel confident in all scenarios. I was able to stretch myself outside the comfort zone. I always felt comfortable and safe and knew there was someone there to guide me. It was a privilege to work with them and it always felt like a partnership"

Private Healthcare Director

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