Do you need an Interim Manager?

When a company reaches the point of a large overhaul or a strategic organisational change, many turn to the services of an interim manager. If you’re planning to undertake large organisational change or a new tactical or strategic project, an interim manager is a highly suitable option to oversee the assignment. With years of proven experience and skills, an interim manager is an ideal alternative to hiring on a permanent basis. 

Typically an interim manager is best employed to solve the following challenges:

  • To plan and manage a programme of change or transformation
  • To help create and implement a business turnaround strategy
  • To rapidly fill business critical gaps at senior levels, following a promotion, a resignation or maternity/paternity cover


Our big idea

Consultant or Interim?

Benefits of Interim Management

The interim professionals we work with offer some unique benefits:

  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • In-depth, relevant experience, meaning they hit the ground running
  • Proven track record which makes interims a credible proposition
  • Have a wealth of relevant experience to employ on an assignment
  • Quicker results, as they are unencumbered by company politics
  • Leadership and management expertise
  • Cost-effective alternative to a permanent hire


Working with us specifically offers the following additional benefits:

  • Low-risk profile – we meet all candidates and carry out all required regulatory checks
  • A backup plan – in the rare instances where an interim doesn’t work out, we can arrange a suitable replacement
  • Full visibility of progress and results via our cloud-based management platform ROI
  • No increase in headcount - all payroll is managed by us

So, ask yourself again – is an interim professional the best solution to your challenge? 


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