Interim Board & Leadership roles

Board & leadership jobs, increasingly known as "C Suite" positions, are suitable for senior leaders with a wealth of experience and cross-functional expertise, often gained from some of the leading organisations in the world. Interims in these roles will be used to working at a fast pace, being able to quickly add value and take full responsibility for business critical issues at the very top of organisations, irrespective of size or sector.

Typical board & leadership assignments will often require an interim CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or COO (Chief Opearting Officer) to take control of an organisation after a sudden departure, to restore confidence or to take the business in a new direction.

Typical roles include

  • Interim chief executive officer
  • Interim chief operating officer
  • Interim chief information officer
  • Interim chief finance officer 
  • Interim finance director
  • Interim operations director
  • Interim human resources director
  • Interim general manager

For clients

Our interims are never recruited on experience alone - we seek exceptional individuals for your business who have the right character and culture to work with you and your people to ensure a successful outcome of each assignment. 


For applicants

Successful interim executives in this discipline will be highly experienced, often well-known business leaders who have operated at this level for many years, preferably in a wide range of sectors. 

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