Interim Finance Director

Interim finance directors are becoming an increasingly popular and effective solution to managing new projects and offering expert and impartial advice on failing areas. Responsibilities of a CFO and their team are continuously increasing, further driving the need for interim financial directors. 

With the structures of this department rapidly changing due to increased demand, an interim finance director can provide the essential support needed for:

  • Large scale changes in determining corporate strategy
  • Evaluating of risks
  • Ensuring value creation


With the short term support of an interim finance director, investor confidence can be rebuilt and areas of poor performance can be addressed, through the impartial expertise of these experiences professionals. Specialist Turnaround Interim Finance Directors can further improve performance through focusing on:

  • Covenant breaches
  • Control improving
  • Cash management
  • Refinancing of debts

Interim finance directors can provide the vital expertise required to manage and realign systems and processes and improving the professionalization of the finance team and the reporting system.
Additionally, interim finance directors can provide expert support within exit strategies or securing deals. In order to ensure the smooth handling of these transaction processes or achieving the expectations of an exit, interim finance directors work closely with investors and internal advisors to secure a favourable outcome.