Interim Human Resources roles

Human Resources appointments are an advanced way to help organisations manage change. From unions and acquisitions, to removalsm and economising, renegotiation of contracts or reappraisal of employee benefits, an interim HR director or manager can bring knowledge, impartiality and a resolve to get the job done.  

Human Resources positions play a significant role in improving the internal business structure and developing the company strategy. At Interim Partners we work with candidates who have proven record of adding real value to organisations. 

Typical roles include

  • Interim human resources director
  • Interim human resources manager
  • Interim human resources consultant 
  • Interim HR operations manager
  • Interim HR business partner

For clients

An interim HR professional can benefit businesses and organisations in designing strategic organisational structures. The right candidate can help companies in the development or growth stages looking to identify training oppportunities for their staff. They will be able to assess current requirements and devise ways to fill the internal knowledge / skills gaps. Human resources specialists will be able to determine what underlies employee dissatisfaction and address those issues to motivate employees and eventually improve the overall business productivity. 


For applicants

A successful candidate is likely to have strong HR background with good understanding of HR metrics and analytics. Ability to prioritise work and meet deadlines are key skills for any position within the human resources discipline. 

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