Interim Information Technology & Digital roles

In a digital age, technology is a critical enabler of business transformation and growth. IT enabled change helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by allowing them to innovate, automate and develop at a faster pace.

Our interims help clients that are embarking on major technology-dependent growth or change to identify, and most importantly deliver, the optimal future state of IT, aligned with business needs.

Typical roles include

  • Interim chief information officer
  • Interim chief technology officer 
  • Interim chief digital officer
  • Interim chief data officer
  • Interim chief security officer
  • Interim IT director
  • Interim head of IT transformation
  • Interim transformation director
  • Interim programme director

For clients

Interim Information Technology & Digital specialists will help your organisation stay ahead of competition by enabling the digital interface to enhance the overall business development.


For applicants

The ability to work quickly and efficiently is key for the Information Technology & Digital roles, as is a proven track record of project managing multiple teams. Candidates applying for these roles should have a good understanding of metrics for the digital workplace investment. 

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