Interim Operations roles

Operational professionals are responsible for the day-to-day organisation and coordination of services and resources. They are also required to plan and implement change and connect the various strands within the business. Interim executives may be required to devise and implement an operational model aimed at transforming the common day-to-day business activities and align them with other processes. 

Healthcare operational roles often involve liaising with clinical staff and other professionals, dealing with the public and managing complaints, anticipating and resolving service delivery issues.

Typical roles include

  • Interim operations manager/director

  • Interim chief operating officer

  • Interim director of operations

  • Interim associate director

  • Interim general manager

  • Interim service manager


For clients

Interim Partners have a strong network of interim operations professionals available for roles in a variety of sectors, including Healthcare, Financial & Professional Services and Business & Support Services amonst others.


For applicants

You will have a good understanding of operational frameworks and will be able to demonstrate strong logical and strategic planning skills.  

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