Interim Supply Chain roles

Supply chain positions often involve helping with the "end to end" supply of goods or services from the initial procurement of the raw materials and natural resources, turning them into a finished product that is successfully dispatched to the retailer and beyond. These roles draw from areas, such as logistics, warehousing and operations management, aiming for an integrated approach and improved productivity.

Supply chain is a discipline with customer service at its heart. In an era of social media a company's ability to provide a great service from the supplier to the end user has never been more critical. 

An optimised supply chain often translates to lower costs for the organisations, that are mainly, but not exclusively, found in the manufacturing, engineering, energy and utilities sectors. 

Typical roles include

  • Interim supply chain manager
  • Interim warehouse manager
  • Interim procurement manager
  • Interim purchasing manager

For clients

Interim Partners have a strong track record of success in placing supply chain Interim Executives who have transformed this vital function in a diverse mix of organisations.

Our consultants understand the intricacies and complexities of the function - we will be able to understand any issue you are facing and make game-changing recommendations. 


For applicants

To be successful in this discipline you are likely to have gained experience and can demonstrate past achievements in either the full supply chain process at a senior level or as a specialist in one of the associated disciplines, such as procurement or logistics. 

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