Interim Human Resources Director

Organisational change creates a high demand for a knowledgeable leadership figure to oversee the development and ensure measurable results are delivered swiftly. Interim finance directors have quickly become a vital asset in a sizable range of HR tasks from small scale realignment to transformational organisational change. 

Interim HR directors play a significant role within organisational change, offering a wealth of experience and a highly developed skillset, to support an array of complex directorial business activities, at short notice, including: 

  • Disposals 
  • Renegotiations 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Designing and restructuring 
  • Business strategy development 
  • Reappraisals 
  • Investment securing 
  • Leadership and development 
  • Talent management 


With the HR business function becoming more projects focused, the demand on interim HR management is increasing. This change has resulted in a heightened need for interim HR directors that are highly skilled in business transformation and harbour extensive knowledge required for managing numerous scenarios whilst also providing a quick turnaround on results. 

Interim HR directors are hired to effectively exact change within an organisation - delivering these results through quickly rolling out processes, efficiently investigating and correcting discrepancies and overall creating a more sustainable and manageable business. 

Overall, Interim HR Directors can be deployed immediately to provide impartial advice and resolve internal issues to; increase productivity, realign organisations collective goals and provide quick wins. 

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