Our CIO Practice specialises in providing Interim CIOs, as well as the teams that support them, to global companies that have a focus on IT enabled Business Transformation. The practice covers all major industry verticals and works to support the sector specific practices within Interim Partners.  Our clients require CIOs that are firmly “business first and IT second”.  We represent modern day CIOs - board level business leaders, who create value by driving transformational change.  

What sets us apart

  • We focus on measuring assignment outcomes. By tracking performance to targeted milestones and objectives, we work with our clients and interims to ensure that tangible business benefits are achieved.
  • We are specialists, not generalists.  Our CIO practice consultants have over 10 years’ experience in providing interims specifically for IT enabled business transformation.  


"I have worked with Ibi for over 7 years now as both a candidate and a client. During this time, what has impressed me most is Ibi’s in depth understanding of not only IT Transformation, but the organisational change management required to realise the business benefits of investment in IT. Ibi has repeatedly shown an ability to deliver hard to find Interim Managers across Europe and I look forward to working with him for years to come"

Paul Harrison, Interim CIO/Transformation Director



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