IT Director

An interim IT director can be a valuable asset to an under-resourced technology department. The primary offerings of an interim CTO include improving the reliability and stability of the business and undertaking assignments to support these activities. 

Interim IT directors can support your business in a range of assignments that vary across your specific requirements, such as: 

  • Programming 
  • Global systems inductions 
  • E-commerce digitizing 
  • Recovery programs 
  • Overhauling of teams 
  • Recruitment, training, learning and development 


Interim IT directors are highly skilled, with entrepreneurial knowledge and a wealth of experience across a range of businesses with various resources and budgets. Providing a swift turnaround with tangible results, an interim communications director can provide transformational change and leadership across the IT department. 

Through programme leadership, an interim IT director is able to train and develop existing staff, educating them in recent practice changes and improving their skillset in order to ensure valuable results. 

Interim CIOs, specialising in transformation, can be an invaluable asset in addressing technological architecture, in order to further develop and streamline processes. The support of an interim IT manager during the period of strategic change can provide a knowledgeable backbone to the entire process.

Overall, the implementation of appointing an interim IT director is a cost-effective method of ensuring deliverable results over a limited period of time. 

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