Interim Marketing Director

In an industry that’s grown considerably in recent years, the need for interim marketing directors to quickly deliver tangible results whilst working within the constraints of marketing budgets has never been higher.

An interim marketing director can be a key asset within an array of activities: 

  • Large scale projects 
  • Re-organisation of department 
  • Management support and leadership 
  • Reviewing performance 
  • Launch of new projects 
  • Preparation and presentation of plans 
  • Working to agreed KPIs, budgets and timescales 
  • Building brand strategy plans for various channels and customer groups 


Interim marketing directors are available at short notice, to step in and cover the essential elements of the marketing department or effectively launch new business programmes. Interim marketing directors have the capabilities to take on a role to bridge a skills gap – lending their years of knowledge to tasks in both new and international markets covering mergers and acquisitions, CRM systems management and product launches, to name a few. 

Creating a new marketing team can greatly benefit from the highly developed knowledge and skill set of an interim marketing director. In order to deliver value an interim marketing director will quickly identify and culminate the best people to form your marketing team, whilst providing them with strategic direction and leadership. 

Interim marketing directors are highly adept at managing and overseeing a growing business and building new contacts. Developing new brand strategies, both for long and short term, interim marketing directors can play an important role in the implementation of campaign launches, business awareness and growth. 

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