Interim Sales Director

When the urgent requirement for sales and commercially aware individuals occur, an interim sales director can be the optimum solution for overseeing falling figures or poor performance. Possibly the most measurable sector of an organisation, sales are constantly under a magnified glass and cross-examined.

The knowledge of an interim sales director is primarily commercially focused, covering a number of duties:


  • Forming and executing innovative sales strategies to ensure the business remains competitive and innovative
  • Identifying new sales channels and valuable emerging markets, whilst forming robust working relationships with new and existing major clients
  • Overseeing, managing and developing large sales teams, typically spanning multi-national territories
  • Accurately planning future sales and forming adaptable sales plans to forecast shifts in market climate
  • Serving as a business representative at conferences and industry events
  • Maximising sales profit margins
  • Effectively communicating the value-proposition through proposals and presentations

Interim Partners aim to provide interim sales directors with a wealth of experience, deployable at short notice that are able to successfully accelerate growth and drive change, over a short period of time. An interim sales director may be required to over-see both short term and longer term projects of change, covering maternity leave or simply brought in to provide expert advice during times of crisis.

Not only does an interim sales director have the ability to produce a quick turnaround and solid results – an interim sales director will also directly influence revenues, profit margins and overall company performance from the frontline, forming deep client rapports and driving far-reaching business development to ensure the business’s ongoing, engagement with new and existing clients These professionals are wholly focused on the sales function, transformation and change management in order to deliver top line revenue growth.

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