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We work with the very best interim professionals in the industry. We offer a highly bespoke service and look to build our relationships with our candidate base over the long term.

We are continually looking to build our network of high-performing interim executives. We welcome registrations from talented and experienced individuals—please see below the typical candidate journey. 

And remember, registration is just the first step to building the relationship. We meet every candidate before we place them and we go to great lengths to ensure a perfect fit between client and candidate.

What to expect

Step 1 - Registration

Registration is straightforward—simply start by completing the form on the left. Please don't email your CV to us directly.

Our registration process will show you what compliance documentation is required—you do not need it all immediately. However, before you start an assignment, you will need to be set-up as a limited company. You will also need to provide evidence that you have the requisite insurance in place.

Step 2 - Build the relationship

After registering, you will need to build a relationship with one of our consultants.

Each of our consultants specialise within different industry sectors. An appropriate consultant will be allocated to you depending on your functional expertise and sector experience.

Step 3 - Keep an eye out for assignments

Through the registration process, you will be prompted to provide your email preferences. By doing this, you then be notified of new assignments which match your criteria.

You can also visit our assignments page and search across all of our advertised opportunities. When you see a role that is of interest, you can easily apply for it via our website.

Step 4 - Stay in touch

We don’t advertise all of our assignments. See our blog post on the hidden market for some examples of why this might be the case. 

Build and maintain your profile within our community by getting involved in social media or by giving us feedback.

Step 5 - Deliver results

We have a reputation for providing our client with excellent executive interim managers. See Doug Baird's blog post on measuring success for more on what this means.

Through our ROI® dashboard, we are able to measure performance and we hope to increase returns to interims by doing so.

Frequently asked questions

For more information, please see our FAQs.

Please note that we pay monthly and do not provide weekly pay facilities. 

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