Working with us

At Interim Partners we build close relationships with our Interim Managers. We value and nurture our Interim Community to ensure we know who is right for which role, every time.


We provide our Interim Managers with access to our senior level relationships. We advertise some of our assignments on this site to our Community but have many more that are too confidential for this approach.

We provide advice on legislation that affects our sector, invite you to our events, provide news and information on the sectors we operate in and the wider IM space. We hope you will share your views in our blogs and social media channels.

Our experienced consultants provide coaching, advice and detailed briefs to provide you with the greatest chance to succeed during an interview and assessment process.

Our ROI system provides the opportunity to measure the assignment outcomes and give greater returns for outstanding performances.  

We are better working together.

"Interim Partners focus on building deep, long-term relationships based on insight and understanding. " David Hill, Finance Director - Portillion

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