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Our events are a fantastic opportunity not only to connect with top industry professionals, but also for us to share with you the results of our latest research.

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The operating model of the future

Following on from our popular breakfast roundtable on the Future of Physical Stores, we would like to invite you to Interim Partners’ next event on the Operating Model of the future.

production line

Whilst many businesses claim to have transformed internally in order to deliver an omni-channel experience, have they all made the infrastructural changes required to support a truly seamless customer journey?

Bolting on new channels, new products, and new markets to a tweaked operating model can result in more damage than starting fresh, but it can be temptingly quick. How can you charter new waters without rocking the boat?

How can you navigate a path that delivers the most value to your consumers and to your bottom line?

We will cover:
  • Structuring your business to deliver a differentiated proposition
  • Absorbing changes in consumer behaviour by restructuring the model
  • What an omni-channel organisation looks like & how you can get there

When: Thursday 2 November 2017, 8.30-10.15am

Where: Interim Partners London office

About the speaker

With a career spanning over 20 years, Ralph Behnke has worked with a number of consumer brands to optimise their target operating models.

He has mobilised & delivered transformation initiatives for brands such as Burberry, Tesco, Selfridges and Liberty. Ralph will share his insights on building organisational capability to sustain transformation beyond a singular event.

In a world where innovation is the status quo, Ralph will explain how to make transformation a permanent feature of your organisation.

If you would like to register, please email Georgia Hartley-Brewer on

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