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Time to shut up shop: what is the future of physical stores?

The future role physical stores play in a strategy is a question every retailer is asking themselves. What is the real impact of closing a store? Will the in-store purchaser simply move online and remain loyal to the brand or will they migrate to another brand with a remaining strong physical presence? Will they migrate to pure plays?


Do current reporting methods provide an accurate picture of a store performance? Could a loss-making store actually be profitable if the full online sales & impact it generates were taken into account?
There is no one-size fits-all solution, however there are successful case studies and research that may help retailers with their strategy. If you're looking at tackling this problem, please join our breakfast seminar with Richard Houlton on 29th June. We will address the financial impact, as well as alternative lenses to look at the role of your physical presence beyond being a shop.

About the speaker
Richard Houlton is Multichannel Director for Evans, in the Arcadia Group. With over 25 years' retail experience with brands including Clarks, WH Smith and B&Q, he is an expert in understanding the omnichannel consumer and how retailers can bring their physical and online worlds seamlessly together for the current and future customer.

He will be presenting case studies that show quantifiable data on the impact a physical store being closed can have on both in-store and online sales.

08:30 - registration & welcome (coffee & pastries)
09:00 - presentation
09:30 - roundtable discussion
10:00 - wrap-up & networking

Date: 29th June 2017

Time: 8.30-10.30am

Location: Interim Partners London office


If you would like to register, please email Richard Lindsay on

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