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31 May 2018 - Change within the Defence Sector

Interim Partners' Aerospace & Defence practice is hosting a breakfast seminar on Thursday 31st May.  If you're a leader within the Aerospace & Defence sector, this session will undoubtedly be valuable to you and we hope that you can join us.


Andrew Morrish will discuss how he has successfully enabled Transformation & Change within the Defence industry, having recently completed a two-year assignment with the Ministry of Defence. Andrew’s professional interpretation of the Defence industry is that often working on such a large scale can often result in technology and process efficiencies falling behind.

His talk will be centred around how this can be overcome and what he has found to be the successful formula through things such as Digitalisation, Use of Data, Agile Integration and Team Leadership.

If you're a leader within the Aerospace & Defence sector, this session will undoubtedly be valuable to you and we hope that you can join us.

About the speaker
Andrew Morrish has worked at the boundary of business and technology since the late 1980s in a diverse range of industries ranging from Defence, Support Services, Logistics, Facilities Management and Financial Services.

His experience as consultant, maven and mentor to the C-suite in all these gives him a unique perspective on how the interim adds value in this vital and critical area that is at the heart of future plans for every organisation.

The vibrations and shockwaves that those initiatives send mean the results and effects they achieve tend echo strongly for clients and staff alike and very often the interim is the conveyor, and more than occasionally the translator. Andrew has change leadership scars and battle stories aplenty to share in the hope that in the accelerating world change becomes as agile as the forces that drive it.


Date: 31st May 2018

Time: 8.30-10.30am

Location:  Interim Partners London office



08.30 – registration and welcome (coffee and pastries)
09.00 – presentation
09.30 - roundtable discussion
10.00 – wrap-up and networking


If you would like to register, please get in touch with Gavin Wingfield

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