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5 Oct 2018 - Customer centric culture

Interim Partners' Consumer Manufacturing practice is hosting a breakfast seminar on 5th October on customer centricity. 

customer experience

As competition intensifies, Brexit applies additional pressure and the demand for constantly lower prices becomes increasingly prevalent, organisations need to find alternative ways to differentiate themselves and add value by becoming ever more Customer Centric.

Creating the right culture is the key to becoming truly Customer Centric and this is the subject Simon Burrow will cover at our breakfast seminar at the beginning of July.   

Where: Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa

When: 5th October 2018 9-11am

Our speaker, Simon Burrow, has held senior commercial roles in FMCG manufacturing for the last 30 years, working with brands such as Bisto, Cadbury, Mr Kipling and Lego. In 2002 he created and launched the highly successful Galaxy and Maltesers hot drinks business and latterly worked as an Account Director at Premier Foods. In 2016 he was appointed as a Non Exec Vice President at the Institute of Customer Service and is now a member of our Consumer Manufacturing Advisory Board.

Simon will demonstrate how putting the customer at the heart of your business is not difficult so long as you understand three basic factors:

  • People do business with people - every member of staff has their part to play in creating the customer experience
  • Systems and processes - these are the vehicles that enable you to deliver and exceed your promises
  • Customer feedback - your ears and eyes that tell you whether or not you are getting it right and how you can improve

Simon recently published a piece of thought leadership on customer centricity, and we were keen to find out more and share these insights with a selected number of clients. 

You will also have an opportunity to network with our Consumer Manufacturing Advisory Board members, whose skills span across various disciplines.

If you would like to register, please get in touch with Sarah Simpson

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