23 May 2019 - Outsourcing Contracts & Why They Fail

Come and join us for an exclusive breakfast roundtable where the founders of Prime Performance Partners talk us through their methodology and how resolving, or even avoiding contractual conflict during service delivery is a reality.


Date:             Wednesday 23rd May 2019
Time:             8:00am to 10:00am
Location:       Interim Partners - London


Frustrated, disappointed and misunderstood.

Negative emotions all too familiar to people commissioning, receiving or delivering built environment support services?

Well defined and appropriately operated performance regimes add significant value. However, the operational reality often is that the intent of these regimes is either poorly defined or is lost over time. Organisational priorities move on and governance processes frequently don’t respond. The result is counter-productive priority and efficiency decisions, along with disagreement and disputes.

Prime Performance Partners approach is to gain alignment between stakeholders and is about avoiding or resolving misunderstanding and disputes.

Join us on the morning of the 23rd May as Rod Harris and Mike Hobbs of Prime Performance Partners share some of their vast experience and innovative methodologies.


8.15:            Coffee and pastries
8.45:            Presentation
9.10:            Q&A
9.45:            Wrap up

About the speakers

Rod Harris - Director

Rod has significant operational experience dealing with clients, investors and service delivery organisations, together with their respective advisors in relation to the delivery of support services performance regimes - from inception through construction to delivery of operational services. 

He has used his extensive experience of support service performance management to deliver focused improvements in operational performance as well as acting as an intermediary to ensure all stakeholders have a “common” interpretation of the way in which the service should perform.

He is a highly analytical and commercially focused financial professional with the ability to apply these skills both strategically and at an operational level within complex environments to deliver positive change.

Mike Hobbs - Director

Mike has significant experience both as a client, investor and contractor delivering support services projects.

He has used this practical knowledge to refine delivery models, the provision of clinical services and the financing and delivery of new facilities. Mike sees these projects as partnering arrangements which succeed when the parties achieve alignment around providing facilities and support services that enhance the end user experience.

He is an articulate persuasive communicator and operational strategist, applying strong technical, research and analytic capabilities to simplify complex operational and commercial issues to deliver results.


Register your interest

This event is an invite only event. If you would like to attend, register your interest at hello@interimpartners.com.

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