Cyber Security: Do You Want to Lead the Way Within Insurance?

Cyber threats are at an all-time high and becoming ever more sophisticated. However, many insurance firms are not yet positioned as strongly as they could or perhaps should be.

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Date: Tuesday 16th April 2019

Time: 8:00am to 10:30pm

Location:  Interim Partners - London


Howard Pinto, an insurance and telecomms Chief Information Security Officer, will be chairing a thought-provoking roundtable discussion with Interim Partners, purely for the insurance market.

A high-level discussion will be held over the following questions:

  • Do you know how prepared your firm is for a serious cyber incident, and the consequences?
  • Where is the accountability and are the right people engaged at senior levels?
  • Has a test drill been performed for such an incident?
  • What is your cyber risk appetite?
  • Are cyber risks adequately captured in the enterprise risk
  • How useful is the security dashboard to inform you of the security posture?
  • Is cybersecurity properly integrated into operations/incident management in the organisation?
  • Are the consequences of a cyber incident understood?
  • Is the security training and awareness programme delivering to all employees to mitigate accidental/uninformed behaviours?

Register your interest

This event is an invite-only event. If you would like to attend, register your interest at

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