Cyber Gamification: Is Your Board Cyber Ready?

The costs of cyber-crime are significant. In the year ending March 2016, City of London businesses lost over £45 million due to online crime based on National Fraud Intelligence Bureau records.

In 2011, the Government estimated cybercrime undertaken for financial gain cost the UK economy £27 billion every year, although the real impact is likely to be much greater.

Although the effect on citizens and Government is considerable, most of the impact is borne by business.

Interim Partners is delighted to be hosting a series of events in collaboration with the City of London Police and Bristol University.

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Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Location:  Interim Partners - London


People can be both our greatest cyber security risk and our greatest asset. Cyber Griffin is an initiative created by the City of London Police that helps businesses and individuals in the Square Mile protect themselves from cybercrime.

As the national policing lead for economic crime, Cyber Griffin officers teach people the basics when it comes to protecting themselves online and increase their knowledge of the ways in which criminals can carry out cyber-attacks.

This interactive event is a tabletop exercise designed to help policy and decision-makers become more cyber aware. The overall aim is to impart cyber security fundamentals whilst promoting healthy discussion and encouraging participants to review current working practices.

During this exercise you will:

  • Form groups and take charge of the security at a power plant over a four-year period
  • Make hard choices which shape how the exercise reacts

About the moderator 

Charlie Morrison – Event Moderator

Charlie Morrison is an experienced Sergeant in the City of London’s Cyber Crime Unit. In his career, he has also worked in response to policing and intelligence. Sergeant Morrison specialisms lie in cyber defence.

He built and now leads Cyber Griffin, the joint City of London Police and Corporation programme to protect businesses in the Square Mile from cyber-attack. This work has origins in both police practice and private industry defence doctrine. His team take responsibility for police taught cyber protection work in Central London.

Register your interest

This event is an invite-only event. If you would like to attend, register your interest at

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