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Interim Partners is a global provider
of Interim Management Solutions.

Our events are a fantastic opportunity
not only to connect with top industry professionals, but also for us to share with you the results of our latest research.

We receive a high level of demand and
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To ensure we keep in touch with our client network and interim community, Interim Partners hosts a variety of events from exclusive business breakfasts to large-scale networking events, all year round.

We are lucky enough to frequently host a variety of guest speakers, with past presenters including television presenter and journalist Sian Williams and former BBC HR Director Lucy Adams, who educate and entertain with their own experiences.

To see a selection of the events we have organised in the past, please scroll down.

16 Apr 2019 - Cyber Security: Do You Want to Lead the Way Within Insurance?

1 April 2019

eye key

Cyber threats are at an all-time high and becoming ever more sophisticated. However, many insurance firms are not yet positioned as strongly as they could or perhaps should be.

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27 Mar 2019 - Bringing Great Ideas to Life: Commercial Strategies for Today

10 February 2019

It’s one thing to have the vision but another to ensure that it is commercially viable. Natasha Allden will be joining us to discuss how businesses can make creative visions commercially viable within the advanced engineering space.

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28 Feb 2019 - The Importance of Clinical Governance in the NHS and Private Care Sector

16 January 2019

Clinical governance encompasses quality assurance, quality improvement as well as risk and incident management. But how important is clinical governance? What does good look like? Wendy Cookson who has 25 years healthcare experience joins us to discuss.

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12 Feb 2019 - IIM Interim Managers Networking Event

13 January 2019

We are delighted to host the IIM Interim Managers Networking Event in our London office. The evening will be centred around the topic The Interim Market by Sector: 2019/20.

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5 Feb 2019 - NED: Do I or Don't I?

12 January 2019

Whether you’re exploring a portfolio career, considering bringing non-execs into your business, or wondering whether you are investing wisely in your current NEDs, the insights and anecdotes from our guest speaker will help steer you in the right direction.

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26 Sept 2018 - Managing for Success in Space

28 August 2018


Interim Partners' Aerospace & Defence practice is hosting a breakfast seminar on Wednesday 26th September 2018. If you're a leader within the Aerospace & Defence sector, this session will undoubtedly be valuable to you and we hope that you can join us.

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27 Sept 2018 - Post-Brexit Support Services Breakfast

28 August 2018


We are hosting a Breakfast event at our New Street Square offices in London on the morning of Thursday 27 September, presenting some thoughts and discussion around the post-Brexit workforce in Support Services.

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5 Oct 2018 - Customer centric culture

13 August 2018


Interim Partners' Consumer Manufacturing practice is hosting a breakfast seminar on 4th July on customer centricity.

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19 Sept 2018 - Marketing yourself as interim

23 July 2018

Marketing yourself as an Interim | Take part in this one-day course run by business psychologist Sarah Stevenson.

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3 July 2018 - How to become an NED

13 June 2018

The role of the Non-Executive Director is changing. Barely recognisable from 10 years ago and arguably needed more now by businesses than ever before, we discuss this evolution and what the future holds for the NED.

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