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In the Interim: June 2018

As summer starts to sizzle and World Cup fever sets in, we've got a healthy dose of news, opinions and events to keep you informed. Highlights include a discussion on the role of an independent Non-Executive Director (or iNED) and a detailed look at digital transformation in the Facilities Management industry.

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Latest thought leadership & news

Holly Weaver
30 May 2018

The importance of the NHS has never been greater with the ever-changing political landscape, underfunding and an ageing population...

Latest thought leadership

Becoming an iNED

Justin Whitehouse
19 Jun 2018

Cameron Marr talks to Justin Whitehouse, Director of Banking at Interim Partners about the role of an independent Non-Executive Director (or iNED)

Latest thought leadership

What does a modern workplace look like?

Karen Wightman
29 May 2018

All UK employees who have worked in an organisation for more than 26 weeks are entitled to make a request for flexible working arrangements, according to Acas. Still, many wouldn’t ask or even know that this is something open to them.

Latest thought leadership

Digital transformation in Facilities Management

Rob Smith
26 Jun 2018

Rob Smith, interviews David Hipkin on Digital transformation within the Facilities Management space.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

4 July 2018 - Customer centric culture

Sarah Simpson
21 May 2018

Interim Partners' Consumer Manufacturing practice is hosting a breakfast seminar on 4th July on customer centricity.

Upcoming events

Sold out: 3 July 2018 - How to become an NED

David Dagger
13 Jun 2018

The role of the Non-Executive Director is changing. Barely recognisable from 10 years ago and arguably needed more now by businesses than ever before, we discuss this evolution and what the future holds for the NED.

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