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Is now the most exciting time to be a CIO?

12 November 2015

Gone are the days of an internally focused IT head or a role that, while close to the business, is purposely not too close. As a CIO, typically you now have a seat at the top table.

Come on Grandpa, you need to take your tablet!

30 November 2015

Used a payphone lately? Unplugged the house phone to put the internet on? When did you last send a fax? When was the last time you didn’t put a leaflet straight in the bin because, well, it’s a leaflet?

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Tougher times for the NHS as winter draws in

16 November 2015

Winter is drawing in again and this is normally a time when Interim Managers who work in the NHS are historically very busy.

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The rise of challenger banks - unprecedented or expected?

10 November 2015

Have the well-established banks had it way too easy for way too long? If history is anything to go by, you might say “yes, absolutely”.

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12 million

2 November 2015

Loan sharks, unethical and irresponsible are words often used to describe companies within the short term consumer lending space.  

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He would say that, wouldn't he?

23 October 2015

I spent a good proportion of last week agonising over whether I should break ranks with the majority of my interim managers, and disagree with them publicly. The fact you’re reading this means I have taken the plunge.

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My evening with Keith McNeill & Roy Lilley

22 October 2015

Do we continue to place Trusts into special measures indefinitely? How do we increase staffing levels? Is fundamental system reform what’s needed - is it doable or desired?

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Have you heard the news from Monitor?

21 October 2015

With the launch of the HSJ investigation into the causes and consequences of the NHS’s growing reliance on temporary clinical and medical staff, I am interested to discuss the impact and future of non-clinical interim managers within the NHS. 

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Top 5 tips on handling redundancy

13 October 2015

Congratulations on being made redundant. I say this because this might be the making of you - massive disappointments were the making of some of the greatest companies the world has ever seen, including Dyson, Ford and Disney.

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What gets measured, gets done

7 October 2015

Increasingly rigid briefs, more and more onerous contractual obligations and let’s not forget the need to innovate.

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