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Interim Management in the future world of work

9 July 2018

Read our 2018 Research White Paper: Interim Management in the future world of work

Global gas

6 August 2018

global gas

Guest blog by Klaus Reinisch

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CSR Challenge: Marathon-long walk around Rutland Water

23 July 2018

rutland water

We completed a marathon-long walk around the Rutland Water Nature Reserve on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.

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The rise of cosmeceuticals, veganism & panda palettes

18 July 2018


The beauty market in South Korea is booming, with an estimated $13.1bn of sales in 2018 according to Mintel. Facial skin care products alone make up half of the total market share and are projected to reach $7.2 billion by 2020...

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Aviation: ‘Back to the Future’

16 July 2018


Every-day products and services are constantly modernising and progressing to become better and more advanced in their functionality, e.g. mobile phones, automobiles, education, etc. Can the same be said for Aviation?

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Leadership for delivering growth

11 July 2018


Tim is a member of the Interim Partners Manufacturing Advisory Board. He has enjoyed an impressive career in the Aerospace, Defence and Transportation industry, from being a graduate trainee at Rolls Royce through to receiving the Fastest Growing SME award by UK Chamber of Commerce.

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Preparing for growth with Peter Tichbon

11 July 2018

Our principal of Consumer Manufacturing Sarah Simpson speaks with Peter Tichbon about the importance of investing in capability and preparing for growth.

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Rise of the machines – Digitisation of UK Manufacturing

9 July 2018

Rise of the machines

To grow sustainably, we have to continue to invest in the latest digital technologies. But there is a growing movement which highlights how damaging this could be to the employment market, and hence society...

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Interim Management in the future world of work

9 July 2018

Read our 2018 Research White Paper: Interim Management in the future world of work

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Chris Gibson on innovation in medicine

2 July 2018


In my experience, most aspiring career individuals have some form of "driver" – their own reason to get out of bed in the morning, whether it’s a professional goal or a career milestone.

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"When there is no wind, row"

25 June 2018

Karl Rego

Karl is an investor, entrepreneur, board advisor and speaker. He is a Dealmaker and a pluralist Interim Executive.

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