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Empty high streets and mass redundancies: The truth of digitalisation in the Retail Banking sector?

29 March 2016

It’s understandable that there is some hesitancy to embrace wholesale digitalisation in the retail banking industry. For many banks, the numbers might well add up but the implications might be too unpalatable.

What is the effect of Britain’s EU referendum on business activity?

23 May 2016

I am seeing companies pull away from hiring Interims across the Manufacturing sector. At times, a decision is made that an interim is required, followed by a decision to not use an interim. Not only is this frustrating, I also feel that even if we do pull away from the EU, nothing stands to change straight away.

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Cranfield University National Manufacturing Debate

20 May 2016

What question would you ask the panel at the Cranfield University National Manufacturing Debate?

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Linda Jureidini-Cox joins Interim Partners’ Public Sector Practice

17 May 2016

I am delighted to join Interim Partners and look forward to a very exciting year ahead.

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Top five rules for growing your team

16 May 2016

Claire Carter shares lessons she's learned from growing the Public Sector team.

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Time to take ownership of our “new” Local Health Economy

13 May 2016

With Lord Carter’s report now recently published, Local Health Economies are being discussed more and more these days as a result of the forthcoming challenges facing the NHS today.

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It’s good to be back...

13 April 2016

Sarah Stevenson has been consulting and recruiting to the public and not for profit sectors for the last 15 years. She has recently joined Interim Partners to lead the social housing interim management practice.

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UK Manufacturing – should we care more?

7 April 2016

Why, as country, we aren’t more adoring of our nation’s Industrial homemade goods? What are the real reasons behind that shift?

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LinkedIn: the Facebook for professionals?

6 April 2016

LinkedIn’s stock value has plummeted by 50% this year, with analysts suggesting that LinkedIn will be remembered just “as a place for users to swap furtive notes with recruiters and spy on former colleagues”.

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Industry 4.0 - When will the scales tip for UK Manufacturing?

26 February 2016

This week, I attended the Manufacturer Live event, held in lovely surroundings at the Institute of Engineering & Technology, Savoy Place. What really impressed me was the passion and determination that the organisers had for Industry 4.0.

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