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A day in the life of an NHS Chief Executive

21 January 2016

Denise speaks to Karen James, who is currently the Chief Executive at Tameside NHS Foundation Trust. Karen joined the Trust in 2013, after it was placed in special measures.

Obligatory Six Nations tie-in blog

5 February 2016

Lombardi cured the disruptive attitude by introducing a new rule: everyone had to arrive fifteen minutes early for meetings and training.

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What do we really know?

4 February 2016

The future of the manufacturing sector looked pretty gloomy at the end of 2015 according to the EEF & DLA Piper 2015 Q4 Manufacturing outlook report.

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Events, networking and social media: Why should I bother?

2 February 2016

In today's market place it's tough to stand out. Your reputation or your personal brand is what makes you, you. Getting this right is part of your success in interim management.

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B2G: more than your career's worth?

1 February 2016

The world of Outsourcing has, once again, come in for criticism of late.

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Provenance: where art meets interim management

11 January 2016

Opinion matters, and genuinely expert opinion will still lead many clients to make great interim hiring decisions. However, it’s not the same as a genuine provenance; demonstrable outcomes consistently delivered on an ongoing basis.

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The CV of the Future

7 January 2016

A resourceful young man called Tom Skinner ingeniously decided to create his CV in the style of a Mr Men book (Mr Candidate) and subsequently landed his perfect job.

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Is it time to transform the interim management model?

5 January 2016

Traditionally, interim providers are judged on their ability to provide the right candidate for a given situation.

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Christmas Pharma Karma

21 December 2015

In case you haven't heard, Mr Shkreli owns an American Pharmaceutical company - Turing Pharmaceuticals. Prior to this he enjoyed a colourful career that seems to have kept a high percentage of US lawyers in business.

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Time to trust your instinct

17 December 2015

If you are hoping for a guideline on what to wear for work or during an interview, then you'd better stop reading, I haven't got a clue anymore.

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