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Experience comes at a price

9 April 2015

What determines how much a consultant, a lawyer, an accountant, a recruiter or, indeed, anyone charges for their services? Is it technical capability, supply and demand economics? Or is it experience and knowledge?

Is the NHS really being ripped off?

3 July 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on this question. I'm not talking about procurement, I'm talking about agency and management consultancy spend. 

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Interim Management: It’s Just Senior Temps

2 July 2015

When I joined Interim Partners a few months ago, I received a gratifying number of congratulations from former colleagues. Many friends and acquaintances also offered some advice, generally fairly generic, occasionally sarcastic and mostly pretty unmemorable.

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The price of excellence

26 June 2015

Proof that a good lawyer is worth more than their weight in gold - almost literally

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Would conductors make good directors?

23 June 2015

I recently read a great interview with Itay Talgram, who has conducted some of the world's greatest orchestras. He contrasts the approaches of six different conductors and contends that "simply commanding people is not enough". 

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“The Price of everything and the value of nothing.”

19 June 2015

I embrace the opportunity that a refocus on value presents for interim management provision. It’s a real opportunity for leading interim management providers to play a significant role in supporting the NHS to identify value. 

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Turning an idea into a start-up company

18 June 2015

In the current market, new start-up companies are cunningly identifying gaps in the market and then quickly and innovatively plugging them, particularly in the technology/telecoms space...

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Do we really switch off on holiday?

17 June 2015

“Leave your phone in plain view on the table every time you visit a café. If you're lucky, it will get pinched.”

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Price vs. Value: Reflections on NHS Confed 2015

15 June 2015

The NHS holds a special place in my heart. I placed my first contractor at Guy’s & St Thomas’ in 1993 and have retained a strong interest in all things NHS ever since, as a business partner, a service user and a tax payer.

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The best recruitment advert ever?

8 June 2015

If you thought that the digital era was going to herald a new dawn in creative recruitment advertising, then you only have to look at recruitment adverts: the same old clichés are lurking in most.  

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A&E Crisis ‘Biggest in over a decade’: what can be done?

29 May 2015

The care that people receive in our Emergency Departments is one of the measures by which the NHS as a whole is judged.

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