Has Hunt been promoted?!

9 January 2018

Has Jeremy Hunt been promoted?!

We were promised a big reshuffle. I don’t think so, hardly anything happened. Who did catch my eye was Jeremy Hunt. Has he really been promoted?? Is anyone else thinking what I am thinking? Is this decision a reward for failure?...

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Where Health meets Housing

8 December 2017

Where Health meets Housing

The NHS is suffering; the squeeze on funding and the increasing demand on services is putting huge pressure on our hospitals. If social landlords and NHS organisations worked closer together, I am confident we would see a number of benefits...

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GDPR: Are you doing enough to prepare?

4 August 2017

GDPR: Are you doing enough to prepare?

The imminent arrival of GDPR is forcing organisations across the UK to quickly get to grips with what, where and how they are using personal data. And the public sector is no exception. NHS trusts, social housing bodies, education establishments and government departments are littered with personal data.

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Time, there's not enough of it!

21 April 2017

Time, there's not enough of it!

Our director of the Public Sector Claire Carter, explores the challenges of limited time and why Interim Partners is different.

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Is it time to flex on the robust price caps?

9 January 2017

NHS price caps

An epic struggle is occurring within the NHS to sustain current services and at the same time transform how care is delivered to better meet changing needs.

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Special measures - What does it mean for the NHS interim market?

26 August 2016

Hearing the news that yet another NHS Trust has been put into special measures made me think about the impact that this has on the executive interim market.

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Top five rules for growing your team

16 May 2016

Claire Carter shares lessons she's learned from growing the Public Sector team.

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Events, networking and social media: Why should I bother?

2 February 2016

In today's market place it's tough to stand out. Your reputation or your personal brand is what makes you, you. Getting this right is part of your success in interim management.

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Have you heard the news from Monitor?

21 October 2015

With the launch of the HSJ investigation into the causes and consequences of the NHS’s growing reliance on temporary clinical and medical staff, I am interested to discuss the impact and future of non-clinical interim managers within the NHS. 

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Interim interview - George Briggs

11 September 2015

Our Healthcare Practice Lead, Claire Carter (above) speaks to NHS Interim Deputy COO, George Briggs, about becoming an interim.

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Feeling the burn?

1 September 2015

The summer of 2015 has seen a lot of movement among NHS board members with over 11 new leaders taking up CEO posts across the country.

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Is the NHS really being ripped off?

3 July 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on this question. I'm not talking about procurement, I'm talking about agency and management consultancy spend. 

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A&E Crisis ‘Biggest in over a decade’: what can be done?

29 May 2015

The care that people receive in our Emergency Departments is one of the measures by which the NHS as a whole is judged.

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What would your advice be to the Prime Minister?

13 April 2015

If Roy Lilley was the new Prime Minister and you were a member of the Cabinet, what would you advise him to say at the dispatch box about the NHS?  

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Be the change you want to see in the world

2 April 2015

The team at Interim Partners works with a charity called ‘Spear’. Spear aims to bridge the gap between unemployed 16-24 year olds and businesses. Over the past decade, they have helped over 2,500 young people into employment or education. A fantastic result!

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Can you see a paperless NHS by 2018?

27 March 2015

It has been widely accepted that electronic health records are fundamental to improving patient safety and care. The Government made a commitment to a greater role for IT in healthcare, and proposed to create a ‘paperless NHS’ by 2018.

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My evening with Jeremy Hunt

13 February 2015

It was the event we’ve all been waiting for! Roy Lilley in an intimate conversation with the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt. I am always fascinated by the body language of public speakers.

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Can Twitter help you have your say?

2 February 2015

Over five million patients can now have a greater say on how their health services are run after Monitor awarded foundation status to St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, bringing us to 149 NHS trusts with foundation status, notes HSJ.

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Are you surviving the Christmas Party season?

11 December 2014

On 10th December Interim Partners Healthcare practice hosted their festive ‘get together’ at The Wine Shop in Liverpool Street. Our Healthcare practice has grown again this year,

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The secret of business planning

10 December 2014

Do you see the value in business planning? It’s that time of year when many businesses start reflecting on 2014’s challenges and successes and start to think about where they want their business to go in 2015.

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What will be the demand areas for interims managers in 2015?

1 December 2014

This year marked the 65th year of the NHS and we should celebrate the extraordinary success of a health service officially recognised as the best in the world. At Interim Partners, the NHS becomes a more fascinating place to operate

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