Obligatory Six Nations tie-in blog

5 February 2016

Lombardi cured the disruptive attitude by introducing a new rule: everyone had to arrive fifteen minutes early for meetings and training.

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The CV of the Future

7 January 2016

A resourceful young man called Tom Skinner ingeniously decided to create his CV in the style of a Mr Men book (Mr Candidate) and subsequently landed his perfect job.

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Time to trust your instinct

17 December 2015

If you are hoping for a guideline on what to wear for work or during an interview, then you'd better stop reading, I haven't got a clue anymore.

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Top 5 tips on handling redundancy

13 October 2015

Congratulations on being made redundant. I say this because this might be the making of you - massive disappointments were the making of some of the greatest companies the world has ever seen, including Dyson, Ford and Disney.

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Private Equity still strong in UK Food & Beverage Sector

18 August 2015

Despite (or perhaps because of)  the intense competitive pressures on the UK supermarkets and the discerning consumer population, 2015 sees continuing activity involving Private Equity in the UK food and beverage sector.

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Greece needs to build on its strengths…

13 July 2015

Greek Civilisation led the world in philosophy, architecture and culture. They lasted 5000 years before the Euro and will certainly exist beyond it. 

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The best recruitment advert ever?

8 June 2015

If you thought that the digital era was going to herald a new dawn in creative recruitment advertising, then you only have to look at recruitment adverts: the same old clichés are lurking in most.  

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Questions for your interim provider

18 May 2015

Before you drive up to Grimsby on a Tuesday evening on a wild goose chase/interview you might want to ask your interim provider / recruiter some of the following questions... 

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5 reasons why cycling is good for business

27 April 2015

Fit people are healthier, it’s a fact. By cycling you are much less likely to pick up the hideous germs so prevalent on public transport. 

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Experience comes at a price

9 April 2015

What determines how much a consultant, a lawyer, an accountant, a recruiter or, indeed, anyone charges for their services? Is it technical capability, supply and demand economics? Or is it experience and knowledge?

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Movies that mean business

5 March 2015

Seeing the Oscars recently made me think about the best Business Movies. Here are my thoughts (in no particular order): Moneyball (2011) Is it about sport or is it about business?

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“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” – Abraham Lincoln

3 February 2015

My Thoughts On The Corporate Profile Photo. Joining a new business means lots of things but one of those things definitely throws me into a panic and that is the New Corporate Profile Picture.

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7 January 2015

January is a time that many people think about the challenges ahead and about striving for new aims. All studies into performance improvement and changing your life for the better agree on one thing,

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Building High Performance Teams – Managing the Mood Hoovers

11 December 2014

What is a mood hoover? A mood hoover is a moaner who sucks the energy out of a room. We’ve all come across them. They bring negativity to any situation. They might be technically competent at their role

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High-performance Teams – Lessons from Business & Sport in Keeping The Magic Alive

3 December 2014

I’m fascinated by why some high-performing teams and businesses keep going from strength to strength whilst others suddenly collapse at their zenith. Tesco have gone from being the doyens of British retail to having shares approaching junk status.

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