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Credit card fraud – are we doing enough to protect ourselves?

Thousands of British bank customers are at risk of fraud due to a website which offers a “one-stop shop” for anyone who wants to buy credit card details stolen by hackers. offers an eBay-style service for hacked financial data. In just half a dozen clicks anyone can purchase a stolen card for as little as £8. Rescator is not hidden in the “dark web”,  but openly accessible and is easier to use than many online shops. Visitors simply specify their chosen country, pick a card type from Visa, Mastercard and American Express, and then choose a bank. It costs around £8 for a standard card, and around £12 for a gold card. Once added to a user’s basket, the cards are paid for using bitcoin, a virtual currency famed for its ability to hide the identity of purchasers.

Here is my question to the interim community:  Are banks and credit card companies doing enough to protect our data and security? Have any of you had recent experience of working in this area?

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