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The K.I.S.S! approach to business transformation

On 23rd October we hosted a breakfast seminar in collaboration with City Law Firm, RPC. During the session we discussed how best to run a successful Business Transformation programme.

Our guest speaker was Bill Kane, a partner with Deloitte’s Operations Consulting business with more than 30 years’ experience in his field, including four years as Managing Director of a PLC. The central tenet of his philosophy is to demystify large transformation programmes and ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’

Bill highlighted that Business Transformation or Change is often seen as complex and it can be felt to be difficult to achieve optimal results. His view is that ‘the simpler the better’ is the philosophy that should be adopted when undertaking such a programme of change.

According to Bill, the best way to guarantee success is to ensure that that the Right Projects are undertaken by the Right Peopleand will be landing in the Right Environment.

The Right Projects are those that are aligned to the business’s strategy. If they are not then cut them and focus your resources on strategically important projects and don’t allow any exceptions: ‘One sacred cow quickly becomes a herd!’

The Right People are those that are the most capable. Freeing up these people is paramount to the success of the programme.  The challenge here is the ability and, more importantly, the desire to make available their best people to transformation programmes, which is not always there.

The Right Environment is one where Executive sponsorship is forthcoming, where there is clear communication, and staff are supported and included in the change.

Is this an approach that has worked for you? What foundations do you consider to be crucial to the success of a Business Transformation programme?

Paul Phillips is the Principal of Business & Support Services at Interim Partners.

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