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Have You Got Your “Procurement Mojo”?

Our interim executives are a talented lot. One of them, Sigi Osagie, has recently published a book which offers a fresh perspective on how Procurement Professionals can boost their organisation’s Procurement capability.

Procurement Mojo – Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile has just hit the bookshops and has been getting rave reviews from senior members of the Procurement community: 

 “Insightful, illuminating and inspiring!” Jonathan Patrick, Former European Procurement Director, Sony

“Procurement Mojo gets to the core issues – Procurement talent, stakeholders, and Procurement’s profile… superbly-focussed and engaging…” Chris Efstathiou, Vice President of Supply Chain, Kiva Systems

“…a superb book – a ‘must read’ for all Procurement people! …whether you’re a CPO or a Junior Buyer, read Procurement Mojo to really up your game. I loved it!” Roberto Troiolo, Senior Director of Global Procurement, Major telecoms manufacturer

The book has been featured in several supply management media, including CPO Rising, Procurement Leaders, My Purchasing Center and Spend Matters.

Focusing on ‘soft’ issues

Procurement Mojo’s premise is that most Procurement functions are beset by ‘soft’ issues which hamper their ability to do the job properly. In the book, Sigi focuses on these soft issues and provides practical techniques to get the Procurement function firing on all cylinders.

Sigi says, “Many interim managers in the Procurement & Supply Chain Management field will be familiar with being called in to client organisations to address ‘technical’ issues, like process deficiencies, poor delivery performance or low system capabilities. Yet, the true root-cause of these problems can often be traced back to ‘human factors’. This is something I discovered not just as an interim but back in my corporate career when I first started leading change initiatives.

“Organisations are about people. It’s people that create performance, good or bad. They may be aided by technology and other enablers, but people are the fundamental creators or destroyers of performance success.

“But many organisations seeking to enhance their Procurement capability erroneously focus their efforts solely on the technical issues. It’s no surprise that some Procurement functions end up going through transformation after transformation.

“It is impossible to create change that lasts without underlying effectiveness – doing the right things to achieve the outcomes we want. That’s what Procurement Mojo is about – it shows readers how to boost Procurement capability robustly by focussing on enhancing effectiveness; because effectiveness is central to success in any realm of life.”

Real-life war stories

Sigi describes the book as “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” applied to the activity of procurement”.

“It’s not a purchasing textbook”, explains Sigi, “rather it’s packed with real-life war stories to illustrate the learning points, and is written in simple, straightforward language.”

Sigi’s guidance is based, in part, on his experience of applying the same principles of effectiveness to his life and career. He originally arrived in the UK as an African immigrant with holes in his shoes, penniless and no address book. Yet just fourteen years later he was a global director in a FTSE250 blue-chip multinational. In some ways, Procurement Mojo is a culmination of what he’s learnt along that journey, learning he’s keen to share through the book.

Procurement Mojo – Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile is available on Amazon and other leading book outlets.

For more information visit the book website at

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