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The 12 trends of Christmas… shopping

In time for the silly shopping season, take a look at the predicted trends for December 2014 present purchasing:

  1. The newest “high maintenance” child’s toy which cries if you don’t look after it – Zeno
  2. Price cuts on electronic games given failing demand for tablets
  3. Increased spending on clothes and shoes –so many new Christmas outfits to be seen at office parties!
  4. Retailers gearing up for last minute shopping panic, which seems to have become  the norm
  5. Alternatively, 8% of people had already completed their Christmas shopping by Oct 1 this year, so there are ‘planners‘ out there, too
  6. Black Friday assuming even greater importance in the shopping calendar, extending out beyond a day to a week-long promotional event
  7. M-commerce growing rapidly
  8. Convenience: online and click & collect, later cut off times for next day delivery
  9. Personalised presents – both on and off line sales rising inexorably year-on-year as customers try to find the “unique” present for loved ones
  10. Discounters having a great Christmas – more people shopping there lured by promises of inexpensive luxury goods, e.g. caviar
  11. Perfume and make-up remaining favourite best-sellers
  12. Saddest of all, Christmas Day will once again be characterised by online shopping  - 117 m online visits made last year – while the Queen’s speech plays in the background

I’d be interested to hear if you have identified any early trends in your own business in advance of December.

Ideas supplied by Retail Week – Thank you!

Liz Sinclair is the Principal of Retail & Consumer at Interim Partners.

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