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The secret of business planning

Do you see the value in business planning?

It’s that time of year when many businesses start reflecting on 2014’s challenges and successes and start to think about where they want their business to go in 2015. You guessed it! It is, of course, business planning time!

Last week at Interim Partners we each delivered our business plan presentations. It was a great day that demonstrated real passion for the interim market and how each of us is going to grow in our markets and ensure that Interim Partners reclaims the top spot in the IIM 2015.

Having reflected on why business plans are important, here are my five undeniable benefits for anybody who is thinking about putting together a plan for 2015, business or personal:


It defines your goals

The first step towards being successful is to have clearly defined goals. Where are you heading? What do you want to achieve? Having goals gives you a direction of travel and helps you focus your efforts to achieve what you set out.


It keeps you on target

Mapping out what you wish to accomplish in a defined period of time calls for you to focus. There are many distractions in business, so it helps to know week by week, month by month, what your focus should be. Don’t be afraid to stick to it, it will keep you on target!


It increases productivity

The more you accomplish, the more motivated you become; the more motivation you have, the more you will achieve! Planning simply helps you apply your efforts in a way that makes the most sense and gets you the best results. Sharing your business plans also enables your colleagues to support you in achieving your goals.


It enables you to monitor progress

A simple plan with set goals on a timescale will allow you to monitor your progress. Reviewing this progress on a regular basis not only helps keep you on track, but motivates you to achieve more!


It establishes momentum

The more you accomplish, the more proficient you become at what you are doing, which helps build up momentum. This, of course, makes your work seem more effortless, while also giving you the drive to accomplish even more. When you get on a roll your business tends to grow faster, further inspiring you and your colleagues to be even more productive!

Business plans at the ready, Interim Partners are looking forward to a successful 2015!


Do you see the value in business planning? Have you got any tips for successful business planning? What other benefits do you see?


Claire Carter is the Principal of Healthcare at Interim Partners.

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