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The Social Housing crisis: Is partnership the answer?

In November I attended a very interesting seminar hosted by the Business Services Association on the subject of ‘Partnership Working in Housing Services’.

Hillary Benn MP spoke rather eloquently about the ever-worsening problem and the challenges facing house builders, social housing associations and particularly those reliant on social housing.

Representatives from private sector, local authorities, planning specialists and housing associations were all present at the event. They spoke about their own organisations and what they were doing individually to solve the housing crisis, but what appeared to be lacking was any reference to partnerships!

If outsourcing is part of forming a value-based solution across all areas of public life, then surely the focus on partnerships must be the  answer? As in any situation, ‘win-win’ is surely the only real, long-term solution?

In my opinion, private money going into public projects which allow businesses to make a sustainable profit, and society – to get the housing stock it so desperately needs, can only be a good thing. Comment below and share your thoughts!

Paul Phillips is the Principal of Professional Services at Interim Partners.

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