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What will be the demand areas for interims managers in 2015?

This year marked the 65th year of the NHS and we should celebrate the extraordinary success of a health service officially recognised as the best in the world.


At Interim Partners, the NHS becomes a more fascinating place to operate within the Interim Management space.  To me, there are a number of challenges facing the NHS, which in turn is driving interim use:

  • Money remains the fundamental issue
  • Waiting times and lists are growing
  • Services are not meeting the demand of an ageing population
  • Operational performance improvements are needed
  • Care quality varies across the UK

As the NHS starts its fourth year with effectively no real increase in funding and, faced with undiminished urgency to generate more care to meet growing demands, it is of little surprise that there is continuing gloom about the position of the NHS in the industry. However, we should not forget that the NHS is one of our greatest national achievements.

So what will be the demand areas for interims managers in 2015?

The Five Year Forward View, published in October 2014, describes the NHS as being ‘dramatically improved over the past 15 years’ but there is a long way to go before it can meet the changing needs of its patients. One size does not fit all – England is too diverse.

The Five Year Forward View also claims that ‘Cancer and cardiac outcomes are better; waits are shorter; patient satisfaction much higher. Progress has continued even during global recession and austerity thanks to protected funding and the commitment of NHS staff. But quality of care can be variable, preventable illness is widespread, health inequalities deep-rooted. Our patients’ needs are changing, new treatment options are emerging, and we face particular challenges in areas such as mental health, cancer and support for frail older patients. Service pressures are building.’

Based on this and other changes in our economic landscape in 2015, hot demand areas for NHS interim managers could include:

  • Service redesign, integration and pathways
  • Turnaround
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Strong, collaborative leadership
  • Mental Health – brining MH on an equal footing against physical health
  • Investment in Dementia and end of life care
  • Development of community organisations
  • IT

I would be interested to hear where you see the demand areas for NHS interim managers in 2015.

My focus is with Community & Mental Health Trusts nationally, as well as a few select Acute Trusts in the South of England. My interim network is developing fast and I am successful in providing interim managers in 3 broad areas:

  1. Delivery of financial and / or operational performance improvement
  2. Delivery of planned or forced change
  3. Cover of substantive gaps / provision of direct support to an incumbent

If you are either looking for interim opportunities or have an interim requirement, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0207 842 5888 or email me at

I am also delighted to tell you that the Recruiter Magazine has just published their HOT 100 list – the top players in the UK’s recruitment industry ranked by gross profit per head. Interim Partners have reached 19th in the HOT 100 and have made the HOT 10 Professional Recruiters list.

Claire Carter is the Principal of Healthcare at Interim Partners.

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